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Commercial Agri Enterprise

List of Agri-Enterprises

Sl.No. Name of the Projects Minimum Requirement
1 Commercial Floriculture Protected condition-0.5 acre
Open condition-4.00 acre
2 Commercial Meat, Egg & Fish Production Broiler (meat)-4000 birds, Layer (egg)-10000 birds Fish Production-2Ha water area Sheep/Goat/Pig- 100 nos.
3 Plantation crops like tea, coffee, rubber, cocoa, cashew and oil palm Plantation area-4.00 ha.
4 Commercial calf rearing centre CB female calf – 20 nos.
5 Commercial goat/sheep/pig rearing centre Goat/Sheep-100 nos,Pig-50 nos.
6 Export oriented agriculture & horticulture  
7 Freshwater pearl culture  
8 Agro Service Centre (Min. requirement of machines Annexure-I)
9 Agri- clinic and Agri- business Centre  
10 Veterinary Clinic  
11 Refrigerated Van  
12 Agro-eco Tourism  
13 Bio fertilizer Production and Marketing 50 MT per annum
14 Soil Testing Laboratory 10000 samples/annum
15 Fingerling production  
16 Commercial Fruit cultivation Plantation area-4.00 ha.(long term fruit bearing plants)
17 Bagasse based Unit  
18 Cashew processing and other cashew nut based industry  
19 Coir based industry  
20 Jute based industry  
21 Seed Processing Plant  
22 Oil extraction Mill  
23 Cattle & Poultry / Fish Feed Plant 30 MT/day
24 Apiary (Bee keeping) 100 boxes
25 Coconut based products  
26 Dairy farming and milk processing Dairy farming- 20 CB cows/ 20 graded buffaloes Milk processing- 10,000 LPD
27 Squash, Jam, Jelly, pickle, etc of different fruits  
28 Fruit Pulp  
29 Vegetables & spices based industry  
30 Dehydration and canning of vegetables  
31 Frozen fruits and vegetables  
32 Cultivation and processing of mushroom  
33 Mushroom spawn production unit 25000 bottles/sitting
34 Meat processing unit  
35 Food Products Based on Soya bean  
36 Maize Processing Plant  
37 Product out of crop residue  
38 Tissue culture laboratory  
39 Vermiculture  
40 Bio pesticides/Bio control agent producing unit  
41 Green House, Poly House, Glass House 1000 sqm.
42 Extraction of essence / oil from flowers, roots, leaves and branches  
43 Cold Storage 1000 MT
44 Processing of fruits for commercial purpose  
45 Integrated Farming  
46 Honey Processing Units  
47 Pulse processing and derivatives industries.  
48 Enzymes and vitamins out of agri, horti, fish and animal products  
49 Poultry Hatchery and Breeders Farm Poultry Hatchery and Breeders Farm
50 Fish / Prawn processing units  
51 Mechanised sorting, grading and packing of agricultural / horticultural products  
52 Technology Upgradation / modernization / expansion of existing agro based industries and food processing industries  
53 Bakery & Confectionary  
54 Groundnut Processing/ Marketing (use of decorticator)  
55 Ragi, small millets, coarse cereal processing (project size <`2.00 crores)  
56 Tree borne oilseeds processing  
57 Commercial Duck Farming Minimum unit size-4000 nos.
58 Establishment of Aquashop  
59 Duck farming as a part of integrated farming. (Minimum Unit size – 400 nos.) Minimum unit size-400 nos.
60 Integrated Rice Mill having minimum investment of 1 Crore in machineries. The relevant machines will be approved by the SLTC.  
61 Gobar gas (Bio-gas) plant for harnessing energy. (OREDA & Agriculture Department should provide Rs. 8000/- each and it should be executed preferably through Co-operative / Farmers ‘Societies)  
62 Food processing industries under the purview of the Union Ministry of Food Processing will be eligible for top-up subsidy of 10%  
63 Warehouses for agricultural input and output will be eligible for 10% top-up subsidy.